Use + Care


Your Firefly Necklace uses Two Duracell 312 Hearing Aid Batteries to operate the LED light that glows intermittently through the Stone attached to the barrel that houses the batteries.

I suggest that you never turn your Firefly Necklace off. The batteries will continue to discharge anyway so just enjoy the glow.

If you wear your necklace in the turned off position, there is a chance that the stone will twist off the case and you will lose it.

Batteries are housed inside the metal cylinder and operate best when surrounded by the small paper you will find wrapped around them. The paper also is printed with the size of the replacement battery. We have tested many batteries and find that the Duracell Hearing Aide Battery works best and last the longest. You may use other batteries if you wish. This is our choice for best performance.

In the past, we used Three AG-4 or Three 377 batteries. We find that the LED glows brighter but the battery only lasts for a very shot time before you will need to replace it so we discontinued this battery choice. If your Firefly came with the AG-4, we suggest that you switch it to the 312 Duracell Hearing Aid Battery.

Avoid swimming or showering with your Firefly, as water will make the battery stop working.

Keep your Firefly dry and occasionally clean out the cylinder with a Q-tip or cotton swab.

I will always guarantee your necklace. Should you ever have problems with it, please contact me and I will fix it.




Check to be sure the both of your batteries are facing the same way. The button side of the battery should be down and the flat side should be up. Both batteries must be facing the same direction


I have chosen to use a coated cotton cord. As the coating wears off, your cord will soften nicely. Adjustable knots allow you to adjust the length of your necklace.


I have found the stones I use at small shops, huge gem and rock shows and as I hike. Occasionally, people even send them to me. As long as the LED light will penetrate the stone, they will work as a Firefly Necklace.

This is a list of some of the types of stones that I have used to make Firefly Necklaces and since some people enjoy hearing about the qualities said to be associated with the stones, I am adding information that I have found from a variety of sources,

As the creator of Firefly Necklaces, knowing the stories of the stones and their associations is something I am just learning about. Please use this list as a start for your own research and enjoyment.


Powerful healer and protector. A stone of Spirituality and Contentment. Excellent for meditation, releasing, addictions and migraines. Wear it for prophetic dreams, healing, and psychic abilities.


Wear this stone to increase intuition and connect to Spiritual Energies.


Eliminates negativity, balances the physical, emotional and intellect. Wear it for strength, courage, love, healing, and protection.


Wear this stone to combine Quartz energy with the power of color therapy.


Said to attract wealth and success. Brings happiness and generosity, removing negative energy and promotes inner calm. Wear for powerful healing and success in business matters.


Rutil is said to intensify the properties of its host crystal. It aids in sleep and enhances originality and creativity.


Focuses and stores energy and information. Purification and healing in meditation, it dispels negativity. Wear it to energize and enhance your spirit.


Rose quartz is a powerful stone for love, joy and healing. Wear this stone for love and friendship.


A stone of protection and to aid in astral projection.


Wear strawberry quartz to connect to your innermost state of love.


Wear smokey quartz to help calm your emotions.