Wire Wrapped Pink and Blue Quartz


Wire wrapped blue pink quartz with a blue glow.

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Detailed expert wire wrapping makes this piece gorgeous in all occasions. Blue light shines throughout this dyed quartz turning it all blue for a moment.  As the light fades the blue and pink colors take back the blended look of the crystal.

Fireflys come packaged and are powered by two 312 hearing aid batteries that will last about a month.  I recommend not turning off your Firefly to prevent it from loosening or falling off while wearing it.  I personally make every Firefly and I stand behind it.  If you break it or drop it I fix or replace for free.  Since all Fireflys are unique, replacement will not be exact.

I love hearing stories about where Fireflys are off to, so if you want to share a story or a picture contact me at Firefly Necklace on facebook.