Rough Cut Citrine Glowing Gold


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Fantastic and first of its kind, the new golden glow fades in and illuminates every crack and corner of this rough and tumble citrine. Lots of smooth cuts come in at all angles to give it a very sophisticated appearance.  The golden glow will really catch some attention.

The gold glow is a brand new addition to the growing colors Fireflys are available in, and this one is the first one available on  The two 312 hearing aid batteries included will last over a month before they need replacement.  I recommend not turning off your firefly so the crystal won’t come loose while wearing it,  and I stands behind every Firefly I make.  Should you ever drop ore break it, contact me, and I will fix or replace for free.  Contact me for details. I started making these not realizing how far and wide they would travel.  Send pics or share your story with me at firefly necklace on Facebook.  I’d love to hear it.


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