Fireflys for Elephants- Striking Amethyst with a Blue Glow


Amethyst Rough Cut FIrefly with a Blue Glow raising money for elephants.

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For a limited time, and with limited availability, and a special price, rough cut purple amethyst Fireflys with a blue glow will be helping to raise money and awareness for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

The Firefly you receive will be very similar in size and shape to the ones in the pictures, and will have the same slow glow, on and off, however due to the natural differences in each rough cut amethyst piece, your Firefly will be unique and one of a kind.  Two 312 hearing aid batteries along with a paper insert inside your Firefly keep it glowing for over a month.  No need to shut it off. The cotton necklace cord is adjustable.  Just slide the knots to fit.

To help save a little money these Fireflys are also being mailed out with minimal packaging but still come with extra batteries and full lifetime guarantee.  I make every single one of these, and stand behind them %100, so if you ever break it or have a problem, I fix/replace for free.

Shipping is free in the USA.  Outside of the USA contact me for the shipping amount.

%100 of the proceeds from these Fireflys is being donated to help the Elephant Nature Park do amazing things for the Asian Elephant and I will also be traveling to Thailand in October to volunteer for a week helping at the park (I’m guessing shoveling poo, feeding, and bathing them) learning about these phenomenal animals.

Want to skip the Firefly and donate directly?  Contact me [email protected]

Want to help without spending any money?  Click the like and then share this on your page 🙂


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