Dyed Quartz Necklace with a Blue Radiance


Dyed quartz with a blue glow

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Behind the intricacies of this Firefly is a blue glow that compliments the complex dark lines tangling throughout this quartz.  This crystal is enhanced with pressure and dyed to give it it’s unique characteristics.  As the blue glow fades in and out it brings a whole new dimension to this Firefly.

Fireflys use two 312 batteries that last about a month. Extra batteries are included with each one. There is a paper insert inside the battery compartment that has my website and battery type that must be kept inside for proper operation. I hand make each one of these and if you ever have any problems I stand behind each Firefly I make 100%. The necklace cords are adjustable. Just slide to fit. Dont swim or shower with it, or it will ruin the batteries. Don’t turn off your Firefly or it may loosen and fall off. I created Fireflys with a love of travel, and love bringing these new places and sending them off into the world. Share a picture or story with me, and I’ll share it on firefly necklace facebook page. I’d love to hear from you.