Phenomenal Amethyst Geode Section with Stunning Sterling Silver Wrap


Wire wrapped amethyst with a blue glow.

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Hours upon hours of detailed cutting an polishing of this Amethyst Geode left this 6 sided pendant with 5 cut and polished sides and 1 side still showing its natural rough formations and incredible beauty shining through.  The blue glow of this Firefly cascades about half way through illuminating as it goes.  The amethyst itself is a light purple with a few deep purple dots near the lower section, and on the back features two tiny green marks.

It was then accented with an intricate and detailed sterling silver wire wrap that challenges the simple beauty of the crystal itself.  Together they create an elegant and unforgettable combination and beauty that keeps you looking again and again and looks gorgeous sitting on display just as much as when you’re not wearing it.

Trying to capture its true presence on video is incredibly difficult with led’s.  This one was no exception.  In the video it shows a bit washed out and the flicker can be seen with the frame rate of the camera.  The light itself is a solid darker blue and to the naked eye, has no detectable flicker. Two 312 hearing aid batteries last for about 2 months and are replaceable.  The necklace cord is adjustable to different lengths and can be replaced with a chain.

Free shipping in U.S. and comes in Firefly display box with extra batteries and free led replacement should the led ever stop glowing.


Sterling silver wire wrapped amethyst Firefly with a blue glow. note: the camera picks up an led flicker due to frame rate and a white glow in the center. There is no white glow to the naked eye and no flicker. It is a solid blue glow that slowly glows on and off.

crstl1 amethyst video

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