Unboxing the new box. Fireflys get a major makeover.

As I constantly tinker to get fireflys looking and working better, years of work have paid off.  The packaging is the most recent upgrade, along with the findings and new crystal designs.  Fireflys are at a level I have been striving to reach for a long time.  Up and...

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What do you call an Amber Firefly?

This piece of amber comes from Africa.  And in a little mine that two guys spend a lot of time digging and cutting they found a chunk of amber, and added it to their "for sale" bag.  I had the pleasure of meeting them in Tucson and after chatting for a while decided...

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March is here with a free gift!

An exciting month here at Firefly Central, and lots of Fireflys going out everywhere this month.  With so much fun going on around here we just love spreading it around.  New Fireflys and Dragonflys getting added to the shop everyday,  and for the month of March, if...

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Tucson and beyond

It's that time of year again.  Time to take a break from the freezing temperatures and head out to Tucson and find all sorts of new and exciting things from around the world.  New crystals and that means new Fireflys.  The first week of February is the best time to...

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Christmas Flys!

Christmas lights are up and Fireflys are glowing.  I always get these in the mail next day, but if you're hoping for one of these delivered before Christmas it might be a good idea to put in the order soon!

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Design changes.

After a lot of fun with some modeling clay, a day to let it harden, then some more fun with some modeling clay cause the first batch didn't come out right, then another day of drying, and then some not so much fun with more clay cause now I'm getting frustrated, I've...

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Fireflys go Atomic

Just a few hundred Fireflys on their way to Sarasota for the Atomic Holiday Bazaar coming up December 6th and 7th.  I'll be there all weekend if you're in the area there is nothing like it.  Holiday shopping done all in one place with the likes of things you won't...

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