At a lively Halloween party a ways back, there were games, costumes, and I even won a key chain. There was swag being handed out like candy. Some of the swag was candy.

But what caught my eye was this plastic gawdy blinking hunk of fun that was an incredible necklace as much as it was tacky. You wouldn’t wear this home. But why not? Why couldn’t this be made to be worn anywhere? Everywhere?

This one was fun at the party, but probably in the trash the next day. Plastic. Cheap. Should have probably had an epilepsy warning on it. I wanted something more subtle that I could wear not just at a party, but in my normal everyday adventures. A little different. Something that reflected my own personality. Or really illuminated it.

Wasn’t long till my tools were out and the soldering began. Fashioning a green led to some wires and a circuit board. Add the switch. Add lots of batteries. Add some plastic tubing and electrical tape and voila. Let the laughing begin. Yes I actually wore this. Yes it still works:)

This image was the first in many many failed attempts at what a Firefly has become today. Not intending this to become a business, I had set out to make something worthy of illuminating and showing off my own style, and after many tries, people loved it. A great friend of mine wanted her own Firefly Necklace and the day I gave it to her someone bought it off her neck later that night.

So I made another, and another, and it wasn’t long before I realized what was happening. I’ve made them with many variations from EL wire to resin molds to different metals and materials. It’s come a long way from a led and a board.

One thing I’ve realized is that these Firefly Necklaces seem to be on a journey as well, and they love to travel. I love hearing about where they have been, or to see someone wearing one out and about. The stories are incredible to me as I sometimes get them from other people who have shared their stories about them.

So here is the blog, with the intention of sharing some of the stories about Fireflys as they travel around the world now, and some of the stories from the past. I also love to hear from people about where they got their Firefly from, and where it has traveled to.