Do you have a crystal you want to be turned into a Firefly? Contact US so we can start the process. Here are a few things WE will need to know.


  • A photo of what your crystal looks like.
  • What kind of crystal is it? (quartz, amethyst, fluorite, etc)
  • Will light pass through it? (light needs to be able to pass through where the light is mounted)
  • How big is it? (height in mm length in mm)
  • What color light do you want? (Red or Blue or Green)
  • Can we cut the crystal if we need to for mounting purposes? Mounting the light will require some amount of grinding and polishing.
  • Which spot is the top and which spot is the bottom? (The light will be mounted on the top and the bottom is the lowest spot on the Firefly when it is hanging.)


Turning most crystals into a Firefly is $25, You pay to mail it to me and I will pay to mail it back.